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Sunday, December 11th, 2005
10:53 pm
the end
Due to a combination of business & personal matters, Piehead Records will be shutting down at the end of 2005. It wasn't an easy decision to make, but it was the right one. Our thanks go out to all of the artists and everyone who has helped us out over the last few years.

All remaining stock will continue to be available via our mail order catalog until December 31st. Note that some titles are down to the last few copies, including the Edward Ka-Spel disc (which has had it's edition size reduced from 333 to 233 copies as a result of this closure). So place your order now if there's anything you'd like, as they won't be around much longer...
Saturday, July 16th, 2005
8:31 pm
new release announcement
We're very pleased to announce that Piehead's first one-off, non-series release is now available:


Edward Ka-Spel is the vocalist, keyboardist and lyricist for The Legendary Pink Dots, an eclectic and remarkably prolific musical collective who are celebrating their 25th year of existance in 2005.

Edward has also been active as a solo artist for most of those two and a half decades, and FRAGMENTS OF ILLUMINA is the latest in a long series of solo releases that have appeared in a multitude of formats and configurations on innumerable labels over the years.

Recorded between March and May of this year in the mysterious hidden land of Limburgia, FRAGMENTS OF ILLUMINA features nearly 50 minutes of music that is beautiful, quirky, dark, chaotic, fragile, humorous, melancholy - in other words, classic Edward Ka-Spel.

We at Piehead have been fans of Edward and the Dots since nearly the beginning of their multi-faceted and ever-changing musical journey, and we're thrilled to be able to offer this latest chapter in the book of The Prophet Qa-Spel.

Krezhnyazhda! Sing while you may!

FRAGMENTS OF ILLUMINA is strictly limited to 333 copies on professionally pressed CDR with colour disc graphics and full colour jewelcase packaging. It is available for purchase directly from Piehead Records via our mail order service.

Please visit the Piehead Records website for further details.
Monday, May 30th, 2005
11:28 am
Edward Ka-Spel album & cover art contest
Well, we've had a nice & relaxing few months off here are Piehead HQ after releasing an album a month for three years straight, but now it's time to get back to work with some new releases!

To start things off, we're very pleased to announce that we will soon be releasing FRAGMENTS OF ILLUMINA, a full-length album of brand new solo material by Edward Ka-Spel of The Legendary Pink Dots.

This album was originally planned to be the November installment in our 2004 monthly limited edition CDR series, but we had to bump it from the roster due to some scheduling issues. The album will now be a one-off non-series release, still a limited edition on professionally pressed CDR, but the edition size will be larger than the originally planned 211 copies. The edition size and other details will be announced when the album goes on sale in mid-June.

Note that we are NOT yet accepting pre-orders for this album, so please don't write asking if you can reserve a copy. We'll make an announcement when we are ready to receive orders. Note also that all subscribers to our 2004 series who ordered their subscription before October 18th, 2004 (the day that we announced the release postponement) will receive a free copy of the Ka-Spel disc once it is available.

To make this release more special, we have decided to hold a design contest for the album cover. The image that Edward has in mind for the cover is...

"A floating rock in space, with a flag at half-mast"

Any and all visual representations of this image are welcome. Once you have created an image, please send a small but clear JPEG or GIF of your artwork to kaspel@pieheadrecords.com (or post it somewhere and send us a link).

All submissions must be received by JUNE 15TH, 2005. The winner will be contacted as soon as we have reviewed all of the entries and chosen a favourite, at which point they must provide us with a higher quality image file that is suitable for printing.

The winning submission will receive a signed copy of FRAGMENTS OF ILLUMINA, as well as a second unique CDR made for you personally by Edward himself.

Thanks in advance to all contributors, we look forward to seeing your submissions!
Monday, March 21st, 2005
3:02 am
looking for site...
We had a fire 5 months ago and lost our computers. Before that, I had downloaded the entire archive of mp3s from a really cool website. Now that we have a working computer again, and this time with a CD burner (and I just recently bought a personal CD player that plays mp3 discs), I want to download this archive again, but I can't remember what the site was called, so I can't find it. I'm hoping someone here is already familiar with the site and knows what I'm talking about, since I don't think my vague descriptions will help anyone do a search...

I'm pretty damn sure the site name had either Sunday or Monday in the title, but honestly it might have been Tuesday. It had several "releases" on it by different artists (I think there were about 15 releases last time I checked). Each release was around 20 minutes, most seemed to be 4 songs (I could be wrong about that part tho). I think I found the site because a Piehead artist had a release (or two) on it. I thought it was Naw or I8U, but I just checked both of their sites and couldn't find a link.
Saturday, March 5th, 2005
6:46 am
son of the return of cbc radio 3 part deux
No David Kristian this time, but a Books On Tape song is going to be played on CBC Radio 3 tonight.

as per usual, playlist portionCollapse )
Saturday, February 12th, 2005
10:32 am
must be nice...
Tonight, for the third week in a row, a David Kristian song will be played on CBC Radio 3. Ya think they like him or something?

Current Mood: narf
Wednesday, December 15th, 2004
1:10 am
Gone to the Dogs
I just got my copy of the 12th CD in this year's subscription series today (well actually, the 14th). I am totally impressed with it. While I have enjoyed all three series, I have liked the three compilation CDs quite a lot. It just seems that each artist has one of their best tracks on the year end compilation (for example, while I had not been a big fan of Metro Starman's full release this year, I quite enjoy his contribution to this compilation).

So, this brings me to a question: while I know that not a lot is publicly on the horizon for Piehead Records next year asides from the Edward Ka-Spel disc, is the occasional (even one a year, for example) compilation disc a possibility? I think it could be a great way to expose people to these artists. Is a compilation easier or harder to coordinate than a disc by one artist (I'm guessing harder because while the artist only contributes one track, there are that many more artists to organize)? Now, while I am full of helpful suggestions, I have to admit my sole contribution to such an endeavour would be to buy it and advertise it to my friends when I play it.

Regardless of what path Piehead Records does (or doesn't!) take, Merry Christmas and thanks for the music (I also got the nice little subscriber Christmas card too); you can count on me to buy whatever you come out with next.

Current Mood: impressed
Friday, November 19th, 2004
5:41 pm
necessary change of plans.

phOnOmena is not happening this thursday as TONIC have decided to close for the day. therefore i will not be playing there as previously scheduled.

i will now be performing this sunday, the 21st sometime after 9pm at SHARE. openair bar.
121 St. Mark's Place (between Ave. A & 1st Ave. on north side) http://share.dj/

so PLEASE come along. or send somebody in your place.

i'll let you know if other NY shows happen.
Monday, November 15th, 2004
3:02 pm
latest releases + the future of Piehead
Hello, all...

Here's the scoop on our latest release, as well as the one previous (as I just realized that I'd forgotten to post about it here), and an important announcement about the future of the Piehead label...

PIE035 : Qwerty : The Sorrows of Young Qwerther

Qwerty is Miro Merlak, a 23 year old Croatian electronic musician from the small city of Rijeka who produces sounds inspired by early '90s techno/IDM labels such as Rephlex, Warp, Irdial, Sounds Never Seen, UR, Likemind, Skam, etc. The Sorrows of Young Qwerther features several tracks from his long out-of-print debut album, as well a couple of rare compilation appearances some unreleased material from the same time period (1996-99), all re-edited/re-mastered especially for this release. The result is a collection of a dozen of the best tracks from the younger days of this still young producer.

PIE034 : Robokoneko : Shades of Genki

Robokoneko is Melinda Taylor, a Sydney based electronic musician who has been making music since 1996. Shades of Genki features four melodic and emotional new tracks alongside four remixes from Disjunction Reunion, Bloq, Himuro & Pellarin, all labelmates on her native label, Couchblip! Records.

With all of the single-artist releases in our 2004 series out of the way and the subscriber compilation in final mastering mode, it's time to announce that we've decided to discontinue the monthly subscription series format for future Piehead releases. Rest assured that the label will continue, we will just be concentrating on less frequent one-off releases (like the delayed Edward Ka-Spel release that is now set for early/mid-2005). Keep checking the website or subscribe to our mailing list to keep informed of our future projects.
Thursday, September 30th, 2004
7:50 pm
mail order update
We've decided to discontinue selling non-Piehead titles in our mail order store, and have returned to selling only our own releases. The one exception will be releases on alectric records, the label run by hellothisisalex for which we supply exclusive online sales.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but lack of time meant that we couldn't give this area of the site the attention it deserved, and it suffered as a result. Many of the labels and artists that we carried do their own direct mail order, and there are other excellent mail order sources for indie electronic music such as Ping Things and The Blue House. Please show them your support.
Sunday, September 19th, 2004
5:11 pm
new release + re-pressings

PIE033 : Accelera Deck : Hereafter

Accelera Deck is Chris Jeely, an artist from Birmingham, Alabama who originally appeared on Piehead back 2002 with a release from another of his projects, Your Favorite Horse. Hereafter is a powerful album that features five tracks - four recorded live in NYC in 2004, and one archival studio track from 1996 - ranging in style from from experimental ambience to glitchy noise.

We're also happy to announce that due to popular demand, we have done re-pressings of two back-catalogue titles from our 2003 series that have been out of print for some time:

PIE020 : Mark Spybey : I Have No Money But I Am Antonin Artaud CD3"

PIE022 : Gridlock : Under CD3"

These new editions are each limited to 100 copies, and feature printed colour inserts rather than the Japanese paper inserts used for the original editions, but the music remains the same. (If you want a copy with the original insert, you can still get them by ordering the full 2003 series.) We expect that these will be snapped up fast, so if you want one, you should place your order as soon as possible.
Saturday, August 28th, 2004
9:01 pm
ml Release noted in Vital 436 - RICHARD Carpenter
Staalplaat Records puts out a review of new experimental and electronic music once a week. I like reading it because I do not know much about the electronic/experimental scene and it gives me a taste. However, I sometimes wonder how much the reviewers know about the real world - when somebody reviewed mu-ziq (Richard Paradinas) for example, a fairly well known artist formerly on Astralwerks, the reviewer professed total ignorance. Well, in any case, I notice that the Piehead Records releases have been reviewed quite faithfully and I've generally agreed, both positive and negative, with those reviews. So ml was reviewed in Vital Weekly #436. Anyhow, it says the funniest thing in the ml review which I think colours the rest of this review:

Of course you'll have to excuse me for I'm not very familiar with the works of John Carpenter (you know: of The Carpenters), and certainly not his early scores. The band ml (underscore intentional), being Rian, Tanner and Laird from Oregon and Washington, asked themselves the question: "What would John Carpenter do?" - but the resultant CDR release has very little to do with John Carpenter.

*tee hee* that's Richard Carpenter of course, not the movie director. Of course, I shouldn't say too much, because if the reference is to another John Carpenter aside from the director of Halloween, Prince of Darkness, Escape from New York/L.A., etc. I will now look like a complete ass.

Current Mood: mischievous
Sunday, August 15th, 2004
6:36 pm
new mail order title
Now available in the Piehead mail order department from alectric records:

AR004 : hellothisisalex : across the river twin

The duo returns with their first full album in over two years, featuring nine tracks of the melodic electronic tunes you know and love. Limited to 150 copies, each packaged in a handmade pouch with sewn-in photo inserts.
Wednesday, August 11th, 2004
11:47 pm
new release + other news

PIE032 : ml : Man is the Warmest Place to Hide

With their release Man is the Warmest Place to Hide, electronic musicans ml have asked the question "what would John Carpenter do?" This is not an imaginary soundtrack or a cover album, but a collection of songs inspired by early John Carpenter scores. The end result is an album that doesn't quite sound like a 70s electronic film score, nor a 21st century Autechre ripoff, but floats somewhere in between. Simple basslines, polythymic clicks, tom rolls, and swaggering synths all combine to form something that can only be described as "these guys really want to sound like John Carpenter."

click here for more info


In other news, a great interview with John Chantler has been posted to the UK based music website, The Milk Factory, along with a review of his Piehead release Locked In Hands. John is also planning to do some touring this autumn, with North American dates being a strong possibility. Once plans have been confirmed, we'll let you know.

Speaking of live dates - the Toronto stop of the "Kicking It Over" Tour featuring Accelera Deck and Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks is now a full-fledged Piehead showcase. Taking place on September 12th as part of the Wavelength music series, the evening will feature an opening set by Metro Starman, and Piehead co-owner Greg Clow will be DJing between the live sets. The show will also be a release party for the Accelera Deck album Hereafter (info & sound sample here) which officially comes out the day before.
Sunday, August 1st, 2004
12:52 am
Just a Fan Checking In
Just want to express my appreciation for the Piehead Records backcatalogue. I originally subscribed to the 2003 Series for the Mark Spybey E.P. (he advertised it on his website www.spybey.net) but I loved it so much that I saved up (did not have a lot of cash to lay out all at once) and purchased the 2002 Series and am in the midst of the 2004 Series. Favourites from each year?

2002 - I8U with Grasshopper Morphine
- Iroquois with Multiplex
- Andrew Duke with Highest Common Denominator
(really a strong series; lots of others too)

2003 - selfservice with hot pixel
- Ugliness Man with Interim (swear to god! honest!)
- Mark Spybey with I Have No Money But I Am Antonin Artaud (goes without saying)

2004 - Portland with Uprox Detox
- John Chantler with Locked in Hands
(still deciding on this year, of course)

Keep up the good work, and I'm excited to see what 2005 will hold (incidentally, the 2003 series has been my favourite packaging idea so far, although they have all been original and fun).

Current Mood: impressed
Tuesday, July 20th, 2004
7:04 pm
latest releases
Released on June 11th:

PIE030 : Mnemosyne : The Air Grows Small Fingers

Mnemosyne is based in Toronto, Canada, and features Aidan Baker on guitars/vocals, Richard Baker on drums/percussion, & Rodin Columb on bass/electronics. Collaborators in various other projects, they finally formed their own band in late 2002. The Air Grows Small Fingers features six lengthy examples of the group's unique sound, which mixes up shoegazer-influenced post-rock with bits of spacey ambience and a touch of psychedelia.

click here for more info

Released on July 11th:

PIE031 : Metro Starman : The Day I Discovered My Dog Was Really A Fish...

Metro Starman is a new project by Rik Maclean of Mara's Torment. Rather than exploring the creation of environment that he's done with earlier work, Rik has instead decided to use this project to focus on the idea of truth as related to context. Plus he gets to try a different style of music. Which is pretty cool. More glitchy and abstract than the work normally associated with him, Rik is very excited about the possibilities that Metro Starman brings him musically, and looks forward to the discoveries this new musical path will bring.

click here for more info
4:39 pm
new Ugliness Man release
<td> four-sight
SoundClick Now! </td> <td> robot.robot and Ugliness Man are proud to present: four-sight. this 4 song EP is currently available as a net-only release on Ugliness Man's SoundClick page. While the concepts of the general release are still being reworked, the songs are now complete and ready for your listening pleasure. As well as lo-fi and hi-fi Shoutcast streams, full, legal mp3 downloads are available. There is no restriction on these downloads. Store, share, and burn to your heart's content.
Please note that also available, just below the four-sight tracks on the page, are 2 preview tracks from Ugliness Man's next full-length release "worldwide", due to be released in November 2004; "Void", which has been available for awhile now, and the recently renamed "Row".
Friday, July 16th, 2004
11:58 am
London Headphone Festival
If anyone is in the London area tomorrow come along to this:

London Headphone Festival
A day and a night of headphone performances
Date: Saturday 17 July 2004, 12 midday until 2am
Location: state51 factory, Rhoda Street, E2 7EF
Door tax: free, but bring your own headphones
Artists: Janek Schaefer, Leafcutter John, Main, David Toop & Max
Eastley, dDamage, Hot Chip, Holkham, Antenna Farm, Noun, John Chantler, Adem
Ilhan/8 Hours, Paul Hood, Cylens, SSetrieb/O.S.T., Discom, The Sound Of
Squaljax & Farbulous, Jonathan Coleclough, sAnso-xtro, eg0 + e/n, Heller,
Dallas Simpson vs Viv Corringham, Michael Rodgers vs Romuald Wadych, Nada,
Nebogeo, Table, Claire Hope, 87 Central, CK Dexter Haven, Fisk Industries,
Dual vs Murmer, A.M.P. Studio, Duncan Whitley, Smack Miranda, Karina ESP, Ed
Bennett vs Cormac Heron, Yellow6, Rashamon, Same Actor, Pez Orchestra, Recon
vs Thorsten Sideb0ard, Emanuela De Angelis and Akira The Don.

i'm dragging some kit along - playing guitar/bass/computer. promises to be a fun gathering...
Tuesday, June 1st, 2004
7:46 am
new music...
So. I have a new album coming out in July through the very wonderful people at Piehead Records. Only it's not a mara's torment disc, rather I'm releasing it under the new name metro starman. It's called "The Day I Discovered My Dog Was Really A Fish..." and it's quite different from what I normally do. It's glitchy and abstract and I'm really quite pleased with it.

If you're interested you can hear some samples on the metro starman site. I'd love to hear what you think of it. And of course if you think good things about it, I'd love for you to BUY IT!!! In fact buy the whole Piehead 2004 Subscription Series, every disc in the set is a gem...

Speaking of sites, I've also redone the mara's torment site and added a bunch of mp3s for you to download. My plan is to put up a selection of tracks each month in an effort to release my entire back catalogue over the 'net. The first batch is from my very first cassette release back in '97 and regrettably the sound quality is rather poor (given lack of experience at the time and a conversion from tape to disc to mp3), but it's where all my stuff started, and on a certain level I'm kinda proud of those songs even if they are kinda embarrassing now. In the coming months I'll be releasing later albums, unreleased tracks, live stuff, remixes, pretty well everything you could ever want from my musical output over the last 7 years...
Wednesday, May 26th, 2004
7:49 am
ep et vee
last night Brave New Waves played Rapoon's "Ep Et Vee" again (i believe this was their 4th time playing it, if you count repeat shows). except this time, Patti Schmidt pronounced it differently. before, she said it basically the way i read it, roughly rhyming with "step wet tree". but last night she pronounced it as if it was the letters "E.P.A.V"... i'm assuming the "A" part is actually the relaxed "et" meaning "and" in French. so what's the deal? how is this supposed to be pronounced?

Current Mood: epav
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